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ELOM Documents


The short Briefing Document and comprehensive Technical Manual outline the entire ELOM development process. The following resources are available to ELOM accredited assessors only: Direct Assessment Manuals in English, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Afrikaans, seSotho, Setswana, the Teacher assessment, Kit Inventory, and Paper Scoresheet, spreadsheets for manual data capture of both direct assessment and teacher rating components.


ELOM Age Calculator
The ELOM is suitable for children between 50-69 months. Assessing children outside this band will not enable comparison with the ELOM standards. The age calculator enables you to enter the child’s date of birth and see their current age in months.

Downoad the Age Calculator here as an Excel document

Or use the web version here:

Generic Sample Consent Forms

Generic sample consent forms for parents currently available in English or isiZulu are to be handed out and completed prior to starting ELOM assessments.

Costing Tool

This costing tool enables the user to calculate costs of ELOM use including, assessor training and assessment. Three variables may be entered: number of assessors to be trained, number of assessors to be used in the field, and number of children to be assessed. The cost is then derived.

Interpretations Of ELOM Findings And M&E Advice


This includes advice regarding readiness for evaluation, the programme descriptors checklist, and the use of Quintile Reference Groups for comparison with your sample.


Programme Improvement Resources


Information to support quality ECD programming specific to the ELOM domains and using your ELOM data for programme improvement.