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Visit our Briefing Document and Frequently Asked Questions for an overview of the ELOM. The Technical Manual outlines the entire ELOM development process including the psychometrics and specification of standards.

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There are two options for using the ELOM:

  1. Independently in which data is collected, analysed and managed by the research team/organisation. 
  2. With limited support from the ELOM team in which data is managed and analysed, and a summary of ELOM results is provided.  Innovation Edge can provide this support to a limited number of studies that contribute to evidence about the effectiveness of different forms of ECD programming. Those that require support, may apply for support. Applications must be accompanied by an outline of the research or evaluation study that includes the purpose, design and timeframe. Successful applicants will be required to provide the data as well as any publications from their study for curation. This will enable secondary analyses that will contribute to the knowledge base on ECD and ECD programming.

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A costing tool enables the user to calculate costs of ELOM use including, assessor training and assessment. Three variables may be entered: number of assessors to be trained, number of assessors to be used in the field, and number of children to be assessed. The cost is then derived.

Read up on interpreting  findings and M&E advice

Using  data for programme improvement

These resources  provide guidelines for when your group is either in the at risk or falling behind bands, and domain-specific programme resources.

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Access additional resources on measuring the development of young children.